TwinOxide chlorine dioxide

Disinfectant purifies water worldwide


TwinOxide® came into the news in February 2012 in an article in the Dutch magazine Utilities

In the article you can read about the recent developments around TwinOxide®. One of the reasons for the article is that TwinOxide® is noticed more and more by multinationals, who have been frequenting TwinOxide headquarters in Best more and more recently.

What is TwinOxide®

The article starts with a description of TwinOxide®, actually a chlorine dioxide delivery system for many industries and households. The product has been used worldwide for quite some years now and has been known most in China, Germany and India.

Chlorine dioxide is not chlorine

In the article you can read that TwinOxide®, a chlorine dioxide delivery system, has relatively little to do with chlorine. Other products like chlorine have negative side effects that chlorine dioxide does not have, like increasing the chances on getting cancer. Even the World Health Organization reccomends chlorine dioxide for water disinfecation above chlorine and many other disinfectants.

Further development

Recent developments around TwinOxide® have attracted the attention of multinationals like BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical, AkzoNobel and DSM. These have been watching from the sideline for quite a while, but now see the advantages of TwinOxide® above other chlorine dioxide delivery systems.


TwinOxide® has been certified by many institutions and countries and is currently working on certification by the CTGB in The Netherlands, which is a prestigeous leading certification institute in the world.


TwinOxide can be applied in many markets and is not limited to wastewater plants or household use. Samples are drinking water companies, industrial waste water treatment, the maritime industry, hospitals, agriculture and oil well biological control.

Future plans

The next step in the development of TwinOxide® is a change in the production process to make TwinOxide® even more easy to dose.


One of the areas where TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide is being used best are the tropics. Last year WMG, a company in Surinam, started to sell TwinOxide® in various markets and different applications.

Indeed, with TwinOxide® chlorine dioxide the world is an open space.


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