TwinOxide chlorine dioxide

Twinoxide 加藥系統

Basic to advanced

雙人氧化物可以“即插即用”的系統提供,從簡單到複雜的安裝SS處理體積較大雙人氧化物二氧化氯,包括控制面板,計算機控制的。與自己的團隊在世界上由一個專門的項目工程 - 過程Automatisation與電氣工程學院,可以進行記錄和安裝。


Support team


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Dosing system versions

Dosing systems are available in different versions:

  • HADOX K1 - Basic, single dosing;
  • HADOX K2 - By-pass, single line dosing or by-pass without dosing;
  • HADOX K3 - Filter, single line dosing and activated carbon and particle filter;
  • HADOX K4 - Measure, single line dosing with measurement feed back;
  • HADOX K5 - Combine, combination of any of K1 through K4;
  • HADOX TK - Dual, redundant system combined with any of K2 through K4.

Sample TwinOxide® Dosing System

Sample installations

See the following pages for samples of TwinOxide® dosing systems: